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" I can tell you working with Evan has been life changing. I am more intentional with my time, money, health, kids, spouse and relationships. Life is short! Mine is better as a result of my association with Evan."

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If you don't understand why Kobe Bryant has a basketball coach or Jack Canfield from the Secret has his own Life Coach, then please stop reading now as there's no point in continuing.

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Are you tired of reading about other people's success? Is your 401k is in the tank? Are your relationships suffering? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

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Look, I was not born the #1 Online Life Coach, Bestselling Author and Global Entrepreneur. Just like you I struggled in low paying jobs and felt my life was meaningless until I got my first coach.

He came in the form of a pirated cassette tape; he was the first person who told me I could do something with my life and deep down I wanted to believe him. Thus began my 15 year journey of attending hundreds of seminars, listening to thousands of CD's and reading libraries full of books. The biggest secret I can tell you after all of this is: THERE IS A BETTER WAY!

My proven online coaching system will give you the best of the best of everything I have heard, seen and read. Plus you get to learn from all my mistakes so you don't have to make them.

I have lost over $750,000 in scams, bad partners and just pure ignorance. I'll teach you how to avoid these financial mistakes so you can FAST TRACK your success.

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"I have known Evan and his family for years. Honest, Creative, Dynamic, Expressive, when Evan speaks you want to listen. He thinks big, dreams big and then he moves make his dreams a reality. Adding action to Ideas? - Evan lives it. If you can catch just a little of his fire, a little of his passion, it could make life oh so much more interesting. "

" I can tell you working with Evan has been life changing. I am more intentional with my time, money, health, kids, spouse and relationships. Life is short! Mine is better as a result of my association with Evan."

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